SectOptikus.pngOptikus is an open monitoring, recording, analysis, and simulation SCADA application. The framework is aimed to cope with large, dense streams of data.Read more


SAWstats is an improved version of AWstats< with the following additional features:

  • Native Nginx< log format support (%codequot)
  • Native Squid< logs support (%codesquid %timesquid %otherblanks)
  • Seamless support of monthly and daily views
  • Easy navigation between monthly and daily weekly views
  • Filtering of Drupal users (using DRUPAL_UID, see Apache recipe<, Nginx can log< this cookie< as $cookie_DRUPAL_UID).

AWstats is a great tool for parsing and analysis of web logs with nice web interface, but after years it still lacks Squid support, so I decided to fork. The name "SAWstats" stands for "Severely Advanced Web Statistics".Read more

Gmirror: mirror LDAP groups to local groups

Gmirror is a PAM module which manages a set of local Unix groups in /etc/group. When a user logins and logouts, it is added to or deleted from these groups. The main reason we need local vs LDAP groups is that SELinux can only work with local groups.

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