SectOptikus.pngOptikus is an open monitoring, recording, analysis, and simulation SCADA application. The framework is aimed to cope with large, dense streams of data.Read more

Optikus - Proposals


This section lists changes that will be implemented in later releases.

Okay.png select vs. poll

Hub should be able to handle lots of clients. This program is designed primarily for Unix hosts. POSIX has poll. Thus, always use poll in hub.

oWatch handles only one or at most two socket descriptors (TCP for connections and UDP for health status). Thus, only select. It is available everywhere, not only on POSIX machines, but also on Windows, VxWorks, QNX etc.Read more

Optikus - Bugs (obsolete)


Bugs in this section are OBSOLETE since starting from the release 0.1, Optikus does not depend on Perl::Gtk2 and Perl::Time::HiRes.

Okay.png Perl::Gtk2

Perl::Gtk2 existance is not verified by autoconfig.Read more

Optikus - Reminders


This section highlights ideas that may be implemented in later releases.

Information.png Debug info in Windows executables

The wine< project has this feature (almost) implemented in their dbghelp< library.Read more

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