Online tools and software to create charts, graphs, flowcharts, diagrams etc


There are many tools out there to make your web design job easier, and this includes creating charts and diagrams. I have listed below a nice selection of chart creators, graph makers, flowcart builders, and software to create diagrams. Enjoy and feel free to comment about tools / software that I might have missed.


Amcharts <

AmCharts is a set of Flash charts for your websites and Web-based products. AmCharts can extract data from simple CSV or XML files, or they can read dynamic data generated with PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl, ColdFusion, and many other programming languages.


<Autodesk <

Autodesk is a new feature-rich web-based vector drawing application built by the Labs team. Use it to create simple floor plans, electronic-circuit diagrams, network diagrams, user interface mock-ups, and more. Save your work in a variety of formats on our server or yours. No plug-ins or downloads required – if you have a JavaScript-enabled Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, you’re good to go. Features include: predefined shapes – drag and drop our vector shapes to create custom diagrams. You can save your diagram in editable formats, export your diagrams in a variety of formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG.  It is cross-browser compatible – create a diagram in IE, open it in FireFox, or vice-versa.


Barchart <

Make barchart. Make bar chart – create barchart online tool piechart graph without applet bar graph creation make a bar graph image for your report- create make save for free chart freechart data input chart.


Best4c <

Best4c (Best for chart) is a Web-based, online diagram tool that allows you to create, edit and share charts anytime, anywhere. Offers you a way to create and share charts online.


Bubbl <

Create colorful mind maps online, Share and work with friends, Embed your mind map in your blog or website. Email and print your mind map, Save your mind map as an image.


ChartDemo <

An online tool for creating A stacked area chart, complete with labels and a legend. Also includes a line and two bars.


ChartGizmo <

With your free account from ChartGizmo you can now create charts for your website, blog and social network profiles. ChartGizmo may be useful for those who need to visualize financial, scientific or other type of data.


CreateAGraph <

Here you will find five different types of graphs and charts for you to consider & work online direct from your browser


DrawAnywhere <

Flowcharts, Process diagrams, Organizational charts, Export your diagram as an image file (jpg, png, etc) or a pdf file.


Emprise <

The features include interactivity, Axis Scaling, Auto Zooming, Scrolling, Stackable Series, Multiple Chart Types, Ajax?-Driven Data, Plugin Free, and Customizability.


FlowingData <

Different type of statistical visualization Option to put your data into & work directly from your browser.


Flowchart <

Realtime online collaboration between multiple users with different browsers, Drawing Tools (Lines, Arrows, Bézier curves), Objects (Flowchart objects, clipart), Save your Flowchart as a PDF or PNG formats.


Fooplot <

Online tool for creating Charts & diagrams

FusionCharts Google Gadget<

FusionCharts Google Gadget <

The online-version of Fusioncharts.


Gliffy <

With Gliffy online diagramming software, you can easily create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more!


Mindomo <

Create, edit mind maps, and share them with your colleagues or your friends. Mindomo is a versatile Web-based mind mapping tool, delivering the capabilities of desktop mind mapping software in a Web browser – with no complex software to install or maintain.


Mindmeister <

All the standard features of a classic mind mapping tool with as many simultaneous users as you like.


MGraph <

An online tools for plotting simple Graphs


Plotr <

This lightweight charting framework based on PlotKit draws simple charts. It’s free, and there is no use of Flash. There are also no interactive elements, however you don’t always need them.


PlotKit <

PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript. It has support for HTML Canvas and also SVG via Adobe SVG Viewer and native browser support.


Pareto-Chart <

Online quality chart generators Seven basic quality tools online for free

Rich Chart Live<

Rich Chart Live <

Create enjoyable and captivating Flash Charts from your web browser. You can create High-impact Charts, Use it from your Browser, and Show Your Charts to the World. And It Costs Absolutely Nothing.


SimpleSeating <

Its really useful tool for those in charge of planning an analyst event. We think it is a best practice to leave nothing to chance when it comes to who sits with who at an analyst summit or analyst conference. However, creating a seating chart can be a major time sink and a massive pain. Maybe this online tool can make it easier.


Smartchart <

Straightforward log-in and My Charts features let you create and save multiple charts, and work on your plan(s) when it’s convenient to you.

Statistics Toolbox<

Statistics Toolbox <

Statistics Toolbox™ provides a comprehensive set of tools to assess and understand data. Statistics Toolbox includes functions and interactive tools for modeling data, analyzing historical trends, simulating systems, developing statistical algorithms, and learning and teaching statistics.


Track-n-graph <

The easy way to track and graph information. Track-n-Graph is a free web-based service for friends, family, and co-workers to track and graph information.


WalterZorn <

Create Charts & Diagrams online


Widgenie <

Create powerful visualizations in just seconds with only a few simple clicks. Drag and drop only the information you want to see. Choose from a variety of chart and table options. Preview your layout and publish changes in real-time.

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