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Stop all music programs and remove ~/.xine

ALSA drivers can use the muting facilities that most soundcards have. If you loaded the sound drivers and everything is fine but you get nothing but silence, then you probably forgot to unmute your card. You need amixer or alsamixer for this, both from the ALSA-util package.

amixer pcm 100 unmute<
amixer set -c 1 Master 70 unmute
amixer set -c 1 PCM 70 unmute
amixer set -c 1 CD 70 unmute<

should do for most applications. Please note that for the older amixer command you need to leave out the set in the command line.

How to uninstall CPanel

WARNING! This is for advanced users of the shell, this is NOT a howto or tutorial. The thing is, I googled how to uninstall cpanel and for once in my life I came up empty.. And certainly the cpanel official sites themselves don't provide any instructions other than to say "Dont uninstall it, reinstall your entire operating system without it.".. they sure don't seem confident that they know exactly what their code is doing. At this point this is more of a series of notes than a guide. Ok now go have some fun!

Why Uninstall?

Why? Because I have always built my servers, php installations, perl installs, ruby, iptables, everything from source. I read the INSTALL/README docs, I read the man pages, and I read the info pages as well. I google for configuration advice, I google for tips, and I don't need a web-based perl script messing my stuff up!

The main problems I had with cpanel, which really is a great bit of software for millions of website developers, is that it was incredibly sneaky! I used it for about 6 months and spent that entire time trying to figure out what the heck it was doing. A couple issues that I really disliked, it takes over your bind install, it takes over your apache install, it takes over your php install. And although it does let you configure some things (very few) for custom configurations and the like, I just don't need any of that. By removing the darn thing I am saving GIGS of space on my server, tons of bandwidth, and most importantly to me I am saving CPU and processing time along with RAM and IO speed.Читать дальше

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Directly download Youtube videos

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Строка подключения rdesktop – правильная русская раскладка

Возникла небольшая проблема. Необходимо подключить пользователя работающего из под Linux к терминальному серверу Windows 2003 R2 SP2 Eng таким образом, чтобы у пользователя была правильная раскладка. Кто сталкивался – тот меня поймет Это совсем не просто, как может показаться на первый взгляд.

Создаем на рабочем столе у пользователя кнопку запуска, в строке «команда» пишем:Читать дальше