SAWstats is an improved version of AWstats< with the following additional features:

  • Native Nginx< log format support (%codequot)
  • Native Squid< logs support (%codesquid %timesquid %otherblanks)
  • Seamless support of monthly and daily views
  • Easy navigation between monthly and daily weekly views
  • Filtering of Drupal users (using DRUPAL_UID, see Apache recipe<, Nginx can log< this cookie< as $cookie_DRUPAL_UID).

AWstats is a great tool for parsing and analysis of web logs with nice web interface, but after years it still lacks Squid support, so I decided to fork. The name "SAWstats" stands for "Severely Advanced Web Statistics".

Planned features:

  • Per-host and per-user analytics
  • Squid hits/miss analysis

Similar projects:

CNstats< is a flexible and versatile system for accumulation and analysis of the site attendance statistics. See demo site< and nulled version<.