Printing hints

Chain printers

By default printers of type ipp: are not propagated via browsing. This can be easily worked around:

cd /usr/lib/cups/backends
ln -s ipp ipp2
/etc/init.d/cupsys restart
lpadmin -p PropagatedPrinter -v ipp2://somehost/printers/Remote
lpadmin -p PropagatedPrinter -o printer-is-shared=true<

and it will be propagated

Driver name notation

The lpadmin option -m does not accept absolute file names.The PPD file must fall in one of predefined LSB-compliant< locations mapped as follows:

pattern location
lsb/usr/* /usr/share/ppd/*
lsb/opt/* /opt/share/ppd/*
lsb/local/* /usr/local/share/ppd/*
* /usr/share/cups/model/*