PostScript fonts for faxes

Download and extract cyrillic PS fonts pscyr0.4c-p2-type1.tar.gz< (Optionally obtain and install ghostscript-fonts-std<)

This step is optional since the above archive already contains font map. Create ghostscript's font map for pscyr. Generate the map itself:

cd /usr/share/fonts/type1/pscyr
grep FontName *.afm | perl -ane '/^(\w+).afm\S*\s+(\S+)/ and print "/$2\t($1.pfb) ;\n"' \
     > Fontmap

Create aliases for textfmt:

cat >> Fontmap
/Courier-Regular        /CourierNewPSMT-Regular ;       
/Courier-Bold           /CourierNewPSMT-Bold ;  
/Courier-BoldItalic     /CourierNewPSMT-BoldItalic ;    
/Courier-Italic         /CourierNewPSMT-Italic ;