How to test faxing

Create a sample fax in pdf format:

LANG=C a2ps -1q /etc/hosts -o- | ps2pdf - samplefax.pdf<

Fax via command line (man pages<):

sendfax -d 1234567 samplefax.pfg
faxstat -dirs<

Fax-via-mail test:

  • Add the current user to the faxlords group
  • Open mail program and create two address book records:
  • Send mail with attached fax to fax1 and fax2

If a "Failed to change directory" message appears when trying to access the file, check file permissions. Probably they are not fixed by the above script.

Faxing through Brother using command line:

brpcfax -o fax-number=3215566 samplefax.pdf<

If you need to debug, edit /etc/hfaxd.conf:

LogFacility:    daemon
ServerTracing:  0x001<

and watch /var/log/daemon.log