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1. Anatomy of Home Directory

> /home/user
  >> .bashrc, ...     - for server
  >> Client
    >>> .bashrc, ...  - for client ws
    >>> Windows       - for windows
      >>>> Home       - .
      >>>> Profile    - .
      >>>> Netlogon   - need it ?
      >>>> Redirected - ...from profile ...via group policy
        >>>>> Application Data
        >>>>> Desktop
        >>>>> Favorites
        >>>>> My Documents<

2. Windows LNK files

Generally not manageable from Linux.

3. Windows User Profile Folders

+/- Folder Name Description
+ Application Data Apps should store extra data here (similar to "dot files" in Linux, a.k.a. "hidden files" in Windows)
- Cookies Microsoft Internet Explorer stores user's cookies here
+ Desktop User's Desktop Folder (icons, etc.)
+ Favorites Microsoft's IE stores user's favorites here (url shortcuts)
- Local Settings Extra Data for local computer should be stored here (Temp, etc)
+ My Documents (Personal in NT4) User's Document folder
- NetHood Any Extra Network Neighborhood Shortcuts are stored here
- PrintHood Any Network Printers the user adds are stored here
- Recent List of Recently opened files (files that are opened within Explorer)
- SendTo Any locations to add to the send-to list are stored here
- Start Menu The user's Start Menu is stored here
- Templates Links to create new files with the New -> submenu
- Ntuser.dat Actual File that holds the User Hive of the Windows Registry


4. Autodir

This tool works only for local directories. It is not compatible with NFS !

Trivial alternatives: PAM - Make home dir<.

Home page<: HowTo<, sample configurations<

RPM-packages for RHEL4: i386< и x64<



5. Samba Resources