1. Home Directory

  • Create skeleton folders:
mkdir -p /etc/skel/Client/Windows/Home<
  • Set userman defaults:
default_value_user_sfuDomain = ourdom
default_value_user_ntUserHomeDirDrive = H:
default_value_user_ntUserHomeDir = \\Srv\Homes<
  • Configure Samba:
 comment = Home Directory
 path = /home/%U/Client/Windows/Home
 browseable = no
 writable = yes
 public = no<
  • Open User Properties and set:
    • Home folder Connect: H:
    • Home folder To: \\Srv\Homes

2. Networked Profile

  • Create skeleton folders:
mkdir -p /etc/skel/Client/Windows/Profile<
  • Set userman defaults:
default_value_user_ntUserProfile = \\Srv\Profile<
  • Configure Samba:
 comment = User Profile
 path = /home/%U/Client/Windows/Profile
 browseable = yes
 writable = yes
 public = no<
  • Open User Properties and set:
    • Profile path: \\Srv\Profile\

3. Folder Redirection

  • Create skeleton folders:
cd /etc/skel/Client/Windows && mkdir Personal && cd Personal
mkdir AppData; mkdir Desktop; mkdir Documents; mkdir Favorites<
  • Configure Samba:
 comment = Personal Folders
 path = /home/%U/Client/Windows/Personal
 browseable = yes
 writable = yes
 public = no<
  • Configure Group Policy:
    • Open Active Directory Users and Computers
    • Right-click on the ourdom.local domain and choose Properties
    • Click the Group Policy tab
    • Choose Default Domain Policy and click Edit.
    • Open User Configuration / Windows Settings / Folder Redirection
    • Right-click Application Data and choose Properties
      • Choose Target tab
      • Make setting: Basic - Redirect everyone's folder to the same location
      • Choose target location: Redirect to the following location
      • Choose root path: \\Srv\Personal\AppData
      • Choose Settings tab
      • Check Grant the user exclusive rights to...
      • Check Move the contents of ... to the new location
      • Set Policy Removal: Redirect the folder bacj to the local userprofile location when policy is removed
      • Click OK
    • Repeat for Desktop and My Documents
    • Do not change policy for Start Menu

Note: on 64-bit Windows 2003 an attempt to open group policy management from the GPMC console and to try to edit policy from there brings the "Cannot find gpedit.msc" error. This case was discussed in forums< and on the MS knowledge-base<.


  1. Remove Adminpak SP1 and install Adminpak SP2 (i386< or x64<).
  2. Copy gpedit.msc from C:\Windows\System32 to C:\Windows\SysWow64

4. Packing the Default User

  • Choose a user for default settings, say vandreev
  • Log this user out of Windows
  • Pack the profile
    • Log in Windows as administrator
    • Choose My Computer / Properties / Advanced / Profiles
    • Select vandreev and click Copy To
    • Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\Default User
    • Click Allow for and choose Authenticated Users (Прошедшие проверку)
    • Click OK, OK, OK
  • Pack the Application Data. Log in Unix and:
cd /home/vandreev/Client/Windows/Personal
/bin/cp -rf AppData/* /etc/skel/Client/Windows/Personal/AppData/<
  • In the same way pack Documents, Desktop and Favorites.

Since new users enter Ubuntu with home directory precreated, default .bashrc and friends are not copied to their homes. Thus, the contents of Ubuntu's /etc/skel should be copied to the /etc/skel/Client directory on server.