Antivirus and Nagios adjustments

Running DrWeb can pose high load on Windows and Linux servers and result in nagios notifications.We avoid this by adding new time period definition in /etc/nagios/site-commands.cfg:

define timeperiod{
    timeperiod_name nonantivirus
    alias        Non-Antivirus
    sunday        02:00-24:00
    monday        02:00-24:00
    tuesday        02:00-24:00
    wednesday    02:00-24:00
    thursday    02:00-24:00
    friday        02:00-24:00
    saturday    02:00-24:00

and modifying windows cpu load check in /etc/nagios/hosts/windows.cfg:

define service{
    use                 local-service
    host_name           windows
    servicegroups       allservices
    service_description CPU Load
    check_period        nonantivirus
    check_command       check_nt_cpuload!5,90,95

and server cpu load check in /etc/nagios/hosts/server.cfg:

define service {
    use                 local-service
    host_name           server
    servicegroups       allservices
    service_description Current Load
    check_period        nonantivirus
    check_command       check_local_load!4.0,4.0,4.0!12.0,10.0,7.0

Now high CPU load will be ignore from 00:00 to 02:00 nightly.