RTF to DocBook

SectRTF2DocBook.png This project is to convert RTF< documents to DocBook<.


Converting a presenation document format (e.g. [node:10818,title="payment forms"]) into structured format is not a simple task. There are several commercial and few open source applications approachin this problem. See the list of related links below for reference.

As soon as we have a DocBook document, we can produce XSL-FO and then use XEP< or FOP< to produce parameterized PDF.


  • Preserve font/paragraph/page styles in DocBook extension tags;
  • Use style names to guess DocBook tags;
  • And more...

The project uses the Java-WMF< library to extract embedded WMF objectsand convert them into pictures.


Checkout: SVN repository<
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Source tarball: rtf2db-2006-06-07.tgz<