Wacman is a web application for managing user accounts in several LDAP< directories simultaneously. I started it when I failed to find a similar GUI program to synchronously administer Unix, Windows and CommuniGate users. The name "Wacman" stands for "Web-based ACcount MANager


  • Manages POSIX attributes, POSIX groups, mail aliases
  • Automatic assignment of uid and gid
  • On-the-fly generation of short identifiers, windows profile paths etc
  • Can change user passwords in Unix, Windows and Communifate
  • Fedora Directory Server support
  • Active Directory support
  • CommuniGate Pro support
  • English or Russian as interface languages
  • Has a Web version written in PHP/Javascript and executable in Perl<

For questions, comments and support please contact vitkinet(@)gmail(.)com