SectOptikus.pngOptikus is an open monitoring, recording, analysis, and simulation SCADA application. The framework is aimed to cope with large, dense streams of data.

1. Features

Release 0.1 features:

  • A utility for extracting monitorable data from ELF executables (oscan);
  • Monitoring of executables on the same host or through network (ohubd);
  • HMI: synaptic screen runtime (oqscreens);
  • Visual editor of synaptic screens (oqedit);
  • A minimal predefined set of HMI widgets (n-state animated pictures, formatted strings, toggle buttons, linear plot and so on);
  • Simple GUI for watching abritrary data beyond the predefined HMI screens (oqsee);
  • C and Perl client-side bindings (the libowatch.a C library and the Optikus::Watch Perl module).

A preliminary Qt-based C++ binding is currently part of the GUI code (oqwatch.cpp). Generic C++, Python and Java bindings are still in planning. Monitoring the stimuli generated by such hardware sensors as CAN, PLISC etc is not ready either.Another planned feature is using a database (MySQL at first) to:

  • keep data item descriptions;
  • archive data streams for session recording and replay;

2. Download

Currently the project is in early development stages, and no documentation is  released yet. For more information, at the moment, check out some project resources. Please note that development is performed completely on this site, not on sourceforge<:

3. Author

With questions and comments please contact: vitkinet (at) gmail (dot) com

4. Getting started

The project has not yet made file releases. You will need a subversion< client and autoconf / automake tools to pull out and build the project sources. At this time build and running was only tested on Fedora Linux 2 and 5.First download and unpack source tarball. Then build:

cd optikus
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/optikus<

Please do not leave the default /usr/local prefix as Optikus needs write access to a number of locations under the prefix.


Optionally test the package:

make check<

Install (as root):

sudo make install
sudo chown -R YOURUSER /usr/local/optikus<



Press the tree icon in the dock bar for synaptic screens.