Mail2Fax: Fax gateway for CommuniGate Pro

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Allows users to send faxes by attaching a document to outbound mail

1. Features

CommuniGate Pro< support

HylaFax< support


Job listing, removal and rescheduling via mail requests

3. Download

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Browse Source: Here<

Checkout: SVN repository<

4. Installation

Create the faxlords UNIX group. Only its members will be allowed to send faxes.

Create the faxmaster mail group and set its options:

  • Real Name: Members receive incoming faxes and related statistics
  • Set Reply-To to Group: NO
  • Report Delivery to Group: no
  • Expand Member Groups: yes
  • Reject Automatic Messages: YES
  • Remove Author from Distribution: no
  • Remove To and Cc from Distribution: YES
  • Disable E-mails: no
  • Disable Signals: yes
  • Install the /etc/localsite/cgpro/cgp2fax< program
  • In the CGP admin interface, open Settings/Mail/PIPE and set PIPE parameters:
    • Processors: 1
    • Application Directory: /etc/localsite/cgpro
    • Processing time limit: 2 min
    • Check directory every: 5 sec

Go to Settings/Router and add these rules:

<(2-20d)@fax>  = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] cgp2fax -t 0 -n *"@pipe
<(2-20d)@fax0> = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] cgp2fax -t 0 -n *"@pipe
<(2-20d)@fax1> = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] cgp2fax -t 1 -n *"@pipe
<(2-20d)@fax2> = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] cgp2fax -t 2 -n *"@pipe<

5. Testing

Add the current user to the faxlords group

Open mail program and create two address book records:

LANG=C a2ps -1q /etc/hosts -o- | ps2pdf - samplefax.pdf<

Send mail with attached fax to fax1 and fax2