CGP - Accounts configuration


1. Public folders and template

Create the pubwrite and pubadmin groups in Disable E-mails and Signals to these groups.

Create the office group. Enable E-mails and disable Signals for it. Uncheck Remove Author from Distribution.

Create the public account in

Change some settings:

  • Preferences / Language = English
  • Settings / Authentication / CommuniGate Password = Enabled
  • Settings / Authentication / OS Password = Disabled
  • Settings / Access Rights / CommuniGate Password = 1234

Via WebMail interface (enter as [email protected]) create these folders:

  • PublicCalendar, PublicContacts, PublicMailbox, PublicNotes, PublicReports, PublicTasks

Set access rights for each of these objects (choose object from list in the left pane, then click the "spanner" settings icon at the right pane) as:

#pubadmin = Lookup, Select, Seen, Flags, Insert, Post, Create, Delete, Admin
#pubwrite = Lookup, Select, Seen, Flags, Insert, Post, Create, Delete
[email protected]   = Lookup, Select,<

Now create template (Users/Domains/ourdom/Objects / Template) for secondary domain, including:

  • additional mailboxes:
Calendar   - IPF.Appointment
Contacts   - IPF.Contact
Drafts     - (mailbox)
Notes      - IPF.StickyNote
Sent Items - (mailbox)
Tasks      - IPF.Task
Spam       - (mailbox)<
  • initial mailbox aliases:
Общая Почта     - ~public/PublicMailbox
Общие Отчеты    - ~public/PublicReports
Общие Задачи    - ~public/PublicTasks
Общие Заметки   - ~public/PublicNotes
Общие Контакты  - ~public/PublicContacts
Общий Календарь - ~public/PublicCalendar<

2. Interception

Create the listener user in the communigate domain and set the following parameters:

  • Users/Domains/ Mail Rules:
    • Redirect All Mail to = true ([email protected])
    • Keep a Copy, Do not Redirect Automatic Messages, Preserve To/CC fields
  • Users/Domains/ Mail Rules:
    • Redirect All Mail to = true ([email protected])
    • Keep a Copy, Do not Redirect Automatic Messages, Preserve To/CC fields

3. Create "real" postmaster

  1. Create user postmaster in the domain.
    1. Add RFC 2142< compliant aliases:
      1. abuse
      2. hostmaster
      3. info
      4. marketing
      5. noc
      6. sales
      7. security
      8. support
      9. webmaster
      10. www
    2. Add system-local aliases
      1. admin
      2. administrator
      3. contact
      4. root
    3. Add package-specific aliases
      1. drweb
      2. nagios
      3. nagios-admin
  2. Go to .../Preferences and set default language to English
  3. Go to .../postmaster/Settings/Access Rights and:
    1. Check Can Modify This Domain and its Accounts Settings and click Update
    2. Check all boxes and click Update
  4. Open the postmaster user in the communigate domain: Users/Domains/communigate/Objects/postmaster
    1. Go to Mail/Incoming Mail Rules and set:
    2. Redirect All Mail To (checked) = [email protected]
    3. Uncheck Keep a Copy
    4. Uncheck Do not Redirect Automatic Messages
    5. Check Preserve To/Cc fields

4. Create postlords

Use Wacman account manager< or manually create group postlords in the domain.

Set group parameters on Users/Domains/

  1. Real Name: Members receive copy of mail for postmaster
  2. Set Reply-To to Group: no
  3. Report Delivery to Group: no
  4. Expand Member Groups: no
  5. Reject Automatic Messages: NO
  6. Remove Author from Distribution: no
  7. Remove To and Cc from Distribution: YES
  8. Disable E-mails: no
  9. Disable Signals: YES

Now implement group mirroring for postlords avoiding duplication.

Go to Users/ mail rules,create a new postlords rule and edit it:

1. Given the "Human-Generated" condition, it is absolutely safe to include postmaster in postlords.
2. Because mail initially sent to master (without domain) postmaster lands with [email protected] only after being resent, it gathers an auto* header and this rule will not work for it. Therefore, the rule should be configured for the master postmaster separately.
3. I tried to implement ths rule at domain level. That required two more rule conditions in addition to those above. First, naturally I had to filter on the recipient field:
	"Any To or CC -- in -- postmaster,[email protected]*".<
Next, since mirroring keeps original header intact, every new mirrored message made this rule trigger again, so I had to add the "Human-Generated" filter. But, this catched only mailings targeting postmaster directly and missed his numerous aliases. At last, I retracted.

If not for other groups, one could use a simplified rule (DISCONTINUED. FOR CURIOUS ONLY):
  1. Redirect All Mail To (checked): [email protected]
  2. Keep a Copy: YES
  3. Do not Redirect Automatic Messages: NO
  4. Preserve To/Cc fields: YES

5. Local mail groups

In order to support site monitoring< and faxing<:

6. Create pbx

About creating the pbx user please see here<.

7. Routing

Go to Settings/Router and set log level to Failures.

The table should look like:

 = [email protected]
 = [email protected]
<*> = *
* =
*host =  ; accept 'localhost' etc as the main domain

<blacklist-admin*@blacklisted> = [email protected] ; 'White Hole'

<(2-20d)@fax>  = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] send-fax -t 0 -n *"@pipe
<(2-20d)@fax0> = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] send-fax -t 0 -n *"@pipe
<(2-20d)@fax1> = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] send-fax -t 1 -n *"@pipe
<(2-20d)@fax2> = "queue[FAX] [FILE] [RETPATH] [STDERR] send-fax -t 2 -n *"@pipe

     = [email protected] ; address

Signal:<[email protected]*>       = [email protected]  ; 911: NA emergency
Signal:<[email protected]*>       = [email protected]  ; 112: EU emergency
Signal:<[email protected]*>        = [email protected]  ; 01:  RU emergency
Signal:   = emergency#pbx        ; start 'emergency' app
Signal:<\*(3-4d)@*>  = voicemail#*          ; *nnn -> voicemail
Signal:<7(2d)@*>     = pbx{*}#pbx           ; 7nn calls go to PBX
Signal:<8(3d)@*>     = pickup{*}#pbx        ; 8nnn: pickup nnnn

Signal:<(7d)@*>      = localAreaCall{*}#pbx ; 7 digits -> local call

<+(7-20d)@*>   = +*@telnum            ; +nnnnn calls -> to telnum
<1(10d)@*>     = +1*@telnum           ; NA domestic calls
<011(7-20d)@*> = +*@telnum            ; NA Intl calls
<00(7-20d)@*>  = +*@telnum            ; EU Intl calls
<810(7-20d)@*> = +*@telnum            ; RU Intl calls

Signal:telnum  = pstn                 ; unknown telnum -> PSTN
Signal:<*@pstn>= gatewaycaller{*}#pbx ; start 'gatewaycaller' app <

Download Ps-cgpro-logo.gif< as/opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins/logo.gif and create a link

ln -s ../logo.gif /opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins/Viewpoint/

Go to Users/Domains/ E-mail and create the greeting template:

From: Administrator <[email protected]>
To: =?UTF-8?Q?=D0=9D=D0=BE=D0=B2=D1=8B=D0=B9_?=
    =?UTF-8?Q?=D0=BB=D1=8C?= <^[email protected]>
Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?=D0=94=D0=BE=D0=B1=D1=80=D0=BE?=
         =?UTF-8?Q?_=D1=81=D0=B5=D1=80=D0=B2=D0=B5=D1=80?= !
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

Уважаемый(ая) ^E <^[email protected]^D>,

Мы рады приветствовать Вас на борту Our Domain.

Если при работе с системой у Вас возникнут трудности,
отправьте описание проблем по адресу
[email protected]

С уважением,

9. Jabber

See dedicated jabber page.<

10. Anti-virus and anti-spam

See dedicated antivirus page.<